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What does Spirituality mean to you?

What does Spirituality mean to you? I posed this question to my circle of friends, because spirituality means different things to different people. It's very personal and at the same time, it's very subjective. It's a very broad concept with many perspectives and many interpretations. It's hard to define, as each individual has a different way of experiencing life, and no one path is suitable for everyone.

Generally speaking, it includes a connection to something more. Something outside of ourselves and a connection to something bigger, vaster, deeper than the individual self. Some people think of spirituality as "new age" and too "woo-woo" for them. I find that interesting and somewhat perplexing, as the quest for meaning in life has been around for eons. Certainly not new and certainly not unconventional. However, I am always curious and my goal in posing this question was to find out if there was one main thread that ran through the answers.

Here are some thoughts on the subject from my friends, all different ages and different backgrounds.

"This is difficult to put into words, it's kind of like describing the color blue to someone blind from birth. Spirituality is a form of being, its an appreciation of the constants that surround us. The beauty of nature, the warmth of the sun, the simplicity of a smile to a stranger. It's the peace of quiet. It's the appreciation of all life forms and the fact that each one has a purpose. It does not mean you have to like all life forms.... because liking and appreciating are two different things!" -Susan, Kitchen and Bath designer, Simi Valley, CA

"It is a word. A man-made word. The concept of the word is far greater yet much simpler than what meaning the masses attach to the word. Spirit is what we are before we come here, while we are here and when we leave. There is no need for attainment because it is right where we are. A famous writer once wrote something along the lines of “We were chasing it, chasing spirituality and at the end of our lives we will come and sit under a tree and realize it was already there and all that time in search of it was a waste of energy and time.” We are spirit-you cannot separate the man from it. Even when our bodies die, we will continue to be spirit, so why not embrace where we are right now and give up the search for “spirituality”?" -Mea, Billing Analyst, Orlando FL

"Being concerned about how you appear on the inside, not how you appear on the outside" -Linda, Retired Hippie, Tampa, FL

To me, spirituality is something I bring to all aspects of my life. My home life, my work life, my friends, my family, my children. Spirituality emphasizes the concepts of peace, love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness and gratitude. I am never going to claim to perfect these qualities, however I try everyday to bring these lovely concepts to my little corner of the world. And when I veer off (which I do often!) I gently and firmly come back. It's constantly coming back to ourselves and to living our lives with a higher purpose and consciousness.

In a nutshell, what does spirituality mean to me? Spirituality is really just remembering WE ARE ALL ONE.


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