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I am allowed to be happy for no apparent reason!


I am allowed to be happy for no apparent reason. Who here can make that statement and stick to it? Agree to it? Live by it?

I think sometimes we feel we need a reason to be happy. We think happiness is tied to a specific outcome. We try to attach someone/something to our happiness. We can't be happy unless this or that happens. We don't allow ourselves to simply be in a state of happiness.

Sometimes we even feel guilty because life is good. Has that happened to you? We don't have any obstacles or worries and then guess what we do? We make them up!! We look around and think "Hmmm, that person isn't happy. Why are we allowed to be?" That's when the ego runs amok. It will start telling you "You're not allowed to be happy! Who are you kidding? Who do you think you are?" That freaking ego of mine can be relentless at times! It's got stamina and drive like nobody's business!

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: Happiness with yourself is not going to take away anyone else's happiness. I used to think that it was. It's not. When I step fully into my power, my light shines even brighter. My body actually tingles and feels lighter. I have more to bring to the table. More energy. Positive energy. Uplifting energy to help and guide people to their greatest strength. And guess what? It's not about me. It's about serving my highest purpose which is to bring light to the people I touch on a daily basis. Your tribe. Helping them face their fears, reach their goals and being able to touch their hearts. Your tribe is your friends and family and in addition, the people you interact with Monday-Friday…coworkers, customers, employees.

Recently at work we weren't busy and my coworkers decided I should change my profile pic on social media. (Who am I kidding, we take selfies in between customers quite often) I received many comments - you look good, etc. Then I received one that said "You look happy" and I thought, yes, I am happy! I'm in a good place with myself. I like who I am. I'm living my truth. I take time to meditate daily and connect with the universe. I do things I like to do. I'm not afraid to be authentic and real. Somedays I'm a hot mess and you know what? I like the part of me that's a hot mess! I might stumble and veer off track, but these days I'm able to get back on my path quicker and without all the drama of years past.

I fully acknowledge my happiness comes from my dedication to meditate daily and connect with my highest self/source/universe/God. When you're in that meditative state, as ACIM says, Only Love is Real. If you can fully surrender and trust, you'll know the universe will always give you your highest good and best possible outcome. There is a peace that comes when you fully surrender. It takes trust, however. When you let go, you'll feel a sense of joy. It actually feels like you're letting yourself off the hook. What a concept?

So this week go ahead and give yourself permission to be happy. Mediation is the path. Start there.

By the way, I can see you secretly smiling right now :)

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