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               t its core, Spiritual Meditation is the mindful practice of connection to something that is greater, vaster, and deeper than the individual self. It is an experience that elevates your awareness, helping you to connect to your higher consciousness and awaken to stillness. As a result, our desire to know the truth of our being awakens naturally. This desire turns our attention to the Light that is not only within us, but IS us.


Spiritual Meditation can take us into the deepest realm of who we really are. We begin to experience a place of loving intimacy with ourselves, where we experience ourselves as consciousness, which is to know the love of God, Spirit, or whatever words you know it by.

As things in life change, we remain rooted in the true boundless love of consciousness, which will never go away. As we focus on the light within us, ALL of us are uplifted, because Spiritually is really just remembering We are all One.

During our meditations, we will be enjoying Crystal Bowl Sound Baths. Part meditation, part listening exercise, Sound Baths are healing musical performances played with crystal singing bowls and chimes.

A Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation can be very therapeutic because you are literally bathed in sound waves, where you will enter a state of deep relaxation.



This sound healing session is designed to clear and release negative energy, open the heart, and promote a quieter state of mind. Harmonious sounds are created to support the body’s natural healing processes while you recline on blankets and pillows. Each singing bowl is tuned to a different frequency that corresponds to seven energy centers or chakras of the body, realigning any energy patterns that might be unbalanced.

After the session, you'll leave feeling mentally and physically rested and ready to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a healthy mind, body and spirit.


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Private Meditations also available.

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